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Matters needing attention in granulation of pig manure organic fertilizer

In the process of organic fertilizer production equipment processing pig manure into fertilizer, fertilizer granulation process is more important. So in this process, what are the precautions of using organic fertilizer granulator.
(1) At least two powder bins to be pelletized shall be provided throughout the organic fertilizer production line so that the granulation equipment does not need to be stopped when the formula changes.
(2) Before the material enters the organic fertilizer granulator, effective iron removal device must be installed to protect the granulator.
(3) The granulator of organic fertilizer should be placed directly on the cooler, and the pulverizer should be placed under the cooler.
(4) In order to prevent particles from falling from the bottom of the silo, a vertical spiral chute is installed in the silo.
(5) The finished fertilizer should be stored at the back of the finished product warehouse after packaging.

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment has enormous advantages compared to other similar equipment. A comparison here shows that the self-propelled stacker is flexible in movement, but it occupies a large area; The fermentation cycle of the fermentation tank is short, but the cost is high, which is not suitable for mass demand. At present, slot type stackers are widely used, and high-end ones include double spiral stackers and chain plate stackers, among others. There are a wide variety of products that can be ordered according to one's own needs.
1. Raw material receiving process of pig manure organic fertilizer granulator. According to the type of raw materials received, different packaging forms and different modes of transportation, different receiving processes of raw materials are adopted. No matter what receiving process, quality inspection and weight inspection of raw materials are required. The raw material for granulation must be organic fertilizer which has been treated by compost turning machine.
2. After receiving the bulk truck of organic fertilizer, the raw materials on the bulk truck and tank car are automatically unloaded into the receiving pit after being weighed by the ground scale. After the raw materials are discharged into the receiving pit and transported by horizontal conveyor, bucket elevator, primary screening magnetic separator and self-propelled scale, they will be sent to the vertical silo for storage or directly to the silo for crushing or to the batching bin.