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Market situation of organic fertilizer and granulator equipment

In the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people also put forward new requirements for the quality of food, "pollution-free" has become a measure of food and vegetable quality and safety. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer green food by the majority of consumers, but also for the organic fertilizer granulator and equipment to provide a broad space for development.

With the rapid development of industry, agriculture and cities, the massive discharge of urban garbage, waste, and livestock and poultry manure from farms has caused great harm to the surrounding ecological environment and disease prevention and control work. Therefore, the use of livestock and poultry manure, domestic garbage and waste sludge to produce organic fertilizer will not only beautify the environment, but also turn waste into treasure. The organic fertilizer production project is worth promoting.
Market situation of organic fertilizer and granulator equipment

For a long time, the abuse of chemical fertilizers has led to the decline of the quality of agricultural products. Although NPK fertilizer production line enriches fertilizer varieties and provides more nutrients, it is inevitable that the soil will harden and a large amount of nutrients will be lost without the supplement of organic fertilizer. Therefore, the development of organic fertilizer and the protection of ecological environment are the inevitable trend of fertilizer production in China and even in the world, with broad development prospects and market opportunities.