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How to apply biological fertilizer?

Bioorganic fertilizer production is to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer. In the line, it is to be equipped with different series organic fertilizer production equipment to finish the production process.

How to apply biological fertilizer?

Biofertilizer plays an important role in increasing production by microorganism, and its effectiveness depends on excrellent strains, high quality fungicides and effective application methods. Therefore, the principles of rational application of biological fertilizer is:first, to ensure that there are enough effective microorganisms in the bacterial fertilizer;second, to create environmental conditions suitable for the growth of benefical microorganisms.
apply biological fertilizer

1. The biological fertilizer must be of qualified quality, and the one with poor quality and overdue can not be used. The bacterial fertilizer must be kept in the place of low temperature, shade, ventilation and light avoiding to avoid failure.
2. In order to minimize the death of microorganisms, direct sunlight should be avoided during the application process;water should be added properly during seed dressing to make the seeds fully adsorbed. After seed dressing, the seeds shall be sown and covered with soil in time, and shall not be mixed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
3. The effect of direct application of general bacterial fertilizer in acid soil is poor. It is necessary to apply lime, plant ash, etc. to strength the activity of microorganism.
4. Enough water is needed for microbial growth, but excessive water will cause poor ventilation and affect aerobic microbial activity. Therefore, we must pay attention to timely drainage and irrigation to maintain the soil moisture.
5. Microbial activities need a variety of nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to supply enough NPK and microelements. For example, in the early growth stage of legume crops, it is necessary to provide appropriate amount of nitrogen to promote the growth of crops and the development of nodules.

Microbial activities consume energy, so a compost turning machine is used to cut the yeast. Organic matter is the main energy source of microorganisms, and the decomposition of organic matter can also provide nutrients for microorganisms. Therefore, organic fertilizer must be combined with biological fertilizer.

In the bio organic fertilizer production line, it is generally to be equipped with the organic fertilizer granulator to make the powder into granules. Using this method, the organic fertilizer can be made into particles, which is easy to transport and preserve.