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Composition and application of track type compost turning machine


Composition of track type compost turner

Tank type composting is used to treat organic waste for fermentation, and the organic fertilizer production equipment is used to realize the flow processing. The production capacity is large, and it needs the basic track construction. Compost turner machine is composed of lifting device, transmission device, turning device, walking device, transfer vehicle and other main parts.
1. Lifting device: This device is composed of hoist, coupling, drive shaft, bearing seat, etc.
2. Transmission device: This device is composed of motor, reducer, sprocket, bearing seat, main shaft, etc. It is an important device that provides power for the turning drum.
3. Stack turning device: This device is composed of sprocket, support arm, turning roller, etc.
4. Walking device: The device is composed of a walking motor, a transmission gear, a transmission shaft, a walking sprocket, etc.
5. Transfer vehicle: The device is composed of walking motor, transmission gear, transmission shaft, walking wheel, etc. It provides temporary vehicles for the turner to change slots.
track type compost turning machinetrack type compost turning machine

Application of compost turning machine

1. The track-type turner is suitable for the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, slag cake, straw sawdust, sugar factory filter mud and other organic wastes. It is widely used in compound fertilizer plants and organic fertilizer plants. , Fermentation and dewatering operations in mushroom planting plants, sludge garbage plants and gardening farms.

2. The equipment can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation tanks, fermentation chambers and moving machines, etc., suitable for aerobic fermentation, and supporting the use of moving machines can achieve the function of one machine with multiple tanks.

3. The machine is solid and durable, stable in operation, high in efficiency and even in overturning.

4. It can realize manual or automatic control function and centralized control of control cabinet.

5. The machine has the function of crushing and mixing materials. The fermented material is granulated by a disc granulator machine.

6. Limit travel switch, to limit and safe operation.