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How many times and fertilizers are needed to fertilize bananas each year?

How many times a year is suitable for banana to apply fertilizer? Why should banana be fertilized?
Banana growing rapidly, high temperature and rainy weather is the best banana planting season, easy to fertilize. Banana must be fertilized frequently with a small amount and repeated application in principle. Organic fertilizer production equipment can meet the fertilizer demand of banana.
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How many times a year is suitable for banana fertilization

In recent years, the amount of banana fertilization in China is generally higher than before, ranging from 5-9 times to 10-20 times a year. How many times a year is appropriate. There have been experiments on banana fertilization frequency. The results showed that the banana with more fertilization times grew better and the yield increased by about 10%. Multiple fertilization can reduce the loss, improve the utilization rate and make full use of the fertilizer efficiency. It is more obvious to fertilize the banana garden in sandy soil. Based on the above situation, we think that the fertilization of banana is more suitable for 12-15 times a year.

Organic fertilizer production equipment is suitable for processing banana and other fruits and vegetables. Due to different raw materials and products, the equipment is different. Organic fertilizer granulator can be divided into different tonnage according to different output. Customers can choose according to their own production demand. Generally speaking, organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line includes feed system, drying system, screening system, mixing system, crushing system and granulation system, which is an integrated fertilizer granulation equipment.

In normal work, in order to prevent instability and low output of the new organic fertilizer granulator, to ensure the stability and good performance of its entire working state, it is necessary to ensure that there are zero problems in each component and system, and the entire The equipment is stable and stable. Including the inspection of the indicator light before use, the operation of each component, the abnormal noise detection of mechanical equipment, etc., must be confirmed in advance. However, it is worth mentioning that the new organic fertilizer pelletizer produced by many granulator manufacturers can achieve long-term quality work with one maintenance, and the maintenance is simple, saving time and effort.