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Characteristics of small type composting turner machine

The small strip type windrow turner machine is a turning and throwing device applied to the ground strip type composting, and is mostly used for the agricultural livestock manure composting treatment project. At present, it is widely used in China and has high price. It is the FDJ series pile turning machine developed by Tianci Company. This machine is also the main organic fertilizer production equipment of our company. The stacking width can be 2.0 meters, 2.3 meters, 2.5 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.0 meters.

Several commonly used fertilizer manufacturing process

(I) Fermentation with weeds and crop stalks (about 25 days can be rotted): use crushed or chopped weeds and crop stalks (generally 3-5cm long), which can be adjusted by 40% of fecal water or biogas residue and biogas liquid; also use 2% of urea (46% of nitrogen content) or compound fertilizer with equal nitrogen content to adjust; also add fresh livestock and poultry manure according to the weight ratio of 3:1-4:1.

(2) Fermentation with pure feces (mature in about 20 days): it is suitable to add crushed (chopped) weeds, crop straw fermentation, and adjust the compost water content to about 60%. The commonly used proportion of adding weight is 3:14:1 to regulate fermentation.

(3) Fermentation with stable manure (it can be rotted in about 15 days): after expanding the volume of bacteria directly, remove one layer evenly in the enclosure, stir it, and directly pile it on the fermentation platform, repeat the operation, if the water content is too large, add some crushed dry auxiliary materials in the enclosure to adjust.

Product features of small windrow turner
windrow turner
1. The windrow turner is driven by diesel, with strong power. The processing capacity is 500-1500 m3 / h. customers can choose different models. At the same time, this series of tipper is divided into semi hydraulic and full hydraulic.

2. The biggest feature of the small windrow turner is that it saves a lot of labor and makes the scale of fertilizer more flexible, especially suitable for transforming agricultural waste, animal manure and organic living waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer.