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Doller extrusion non drying process in compound fertilizer equipment is widely praised

According to the past production experience, we have developed a new non drying compound fertilizer production process. Because the investment of this compound fertilizer equipment is relatively fast, many production enterprises are competing to use this NPK compound fertilizer production process.

Advantages of non drying NPK fertilizer production process
At present, the production equipment of compound fertilizer on the market generally needs to be produced in a specific production environment, for example, the external factors such as the temperature and humidity of the production environment will affect the normal production of fertilizer. And in the production process, there are many links, such as drying, and the production operation is also relatively cumbersome. In view of this situation, Tianci compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer has developed this kind of compound fertilizer production line without drying. During the production, the fertilizer particles can be produced once, and the pelletization rate of the fertilizer can reach more than 90%.

The particles produced by the double roller fertilizer granulator are ellipse. In order to make the products have a good selling phase, they can also be polished and trimmed. The irregular shaped particles are rounded by the grinding roller, and the fine powder produced in the polishing process is recycled after sieving and continues to be granulated. After finishing by polishing machine, the appearance of finished fertilizer is better, and it is easier to be recognized by users.
roller granulation NPK fertilizer production process

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