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Notes on the use of organic fertilizer fermentation windrow turner

In the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, the composting machine can control water, temperature and oxygen. In order to realize these functions of the composter in the fermentation process, we need to adhere to scientific and reasonable use of organic fertilizer fermentation composter. So Then what should be paid attention to when using the organic fertilizer fermentation turner, the fertilizer machine manufacturer summarizes the following points for your reference.

Notes on the use of organic fertilizer windrow turner

1. When using the organic fertilizer fermentation turner for fermentation, ensure the ventilation and oxygen supply at the bottom of the material during the composting process. In the process of ventilation, on the one hand, it can supplement oxygen to compost materials, on the other hand, it can control the moisture content of materials, and on the other hand, it can control the temperature.

2. When the compost is fermented by the windrow turner machine, the depth of compost is 0.8-1.5m, the width of compost strictly complies with the fermentation process design, and the length can be determined according to the annual output of the planned production of organic fertilizer. The depth of compost is not high, which is harmful to the fermentation and thorough maturity. If the depth is too large, such as more than 2 meters, it is easy to cause insufficient ventilation and oxygen supplement, which also affects the fermentation quality.
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3. If the materials are stored for too long or there are too many straws during fermentation by the windrow turner, fresh manure shall be added for adjustment; if the materials are stored for too long, it is easy to cause some organic matter volatilization.

4. Professional organic fertilizer production process needs organic fertilizer production equipment to assist. Windrow turner is used to turn the compost, promote fermentation, control the temperature of compost, control the moisture content, and supplement oxygen, so as to realize full maturity. For small-scale farm manure fermentation, outdoor flat fermentation needs to cover the compost pile, so as to prevent the manure on the air dried surface from completely fermentation.

5. When fermenting with organic fertilizer windrow turner, during the fermentation process, the first fermentation is usually 10 days to half a month. In this process, the main ingredient is decomposed. The organic fertilizer raw material after the tank fermentation usually needs secondary ageing. Fermentation, the duration of secondary fermentation is usually three to four days to a week.