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How to process compound fertilizer with drum granulator

With the development of agriculture and the improvement of technology, the market demand begins to become diversified. Rotary drum granulator is also concerned because of its high efficiency, convenient operation and good granulation effect, which stands out among many fertilizer granulators.

In the process of fertilizer production, fertilizer granulator machine is the key to determine the output and quality of fertilizer manufacturing process. The quality of equipment is directly related to the economic benefits of users. In the production process of the drum granulator, the solubility of the granulation should be increased by increasing the temperature of the material. To reduce the heat energy consumption during the drying process, we must effectively ensure the performance of the granulator.

In order to reduce the production cost of the whole fertilizer manufacturing process, it is necessary to achieve low energy consumption and high efficiency in each link of granulation. The pelletizing rate of the drum granulator is high, so the output can keep up with it. To ensure the pelletizing rate of the drum granulator, the inner wall finish of the granulator must be improved. The smooth material on the inner wall of the equipment and its friction force are low, so it can roll back and forth and form the ball quickly. Rotary drum granulator made in our factory is different from the traditional granulator. When the inner lining of the granulator changes from the bottom to the top with the barrel, the inner lining will sag due to the self weight, and the materials attached to the inner lining will fall down due to the gravity, so as to achieve the function of automatic cleaning of the agglomeration. In addition, the addition of water is reduced during granulation to reduce the drying load during fertilizer processing.
rotary drum granulator
In the fertilizer manufacturing process, an electromagnetic device can be hung above the collector conveyor to absorb stray metals. When the fertilizer manufacturing process of the large-scale drum granulator is running, two drum screener machines can be set, the first one can remove the powder and small particles. The screen of the second rotary drum screener is divided into two parts. One part of the screen is the small hole screen for screening the conforming particles, and the conveyor will send the conforming particles to the packaging machine. The other part of the screen is to screen out the oversized particles, which are directly sent to the chain crusher for crushing, and then returned to the granulator after crushing.