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Coating technology of NPK compound fertilizer production equipment

After drying and cooling, NPK compound fertilizer is sticky and easy to agglomerate during storage and transportation. We can solve this problem by adding coating technology in compound fertilizer production line. In other words, NPK compound fertilizer particles are evenly coated with a layer of ash, oil, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus powder and other substances to reduce the contact between particles, particles and air contact, the particle surface is smoother and smoother.

Fertilizer production equipment for coating process
Compound fertilizer coating machine is a rotating cylinder equipment designed according to the process. The cylinder is rolled by steel plate, and the cylinder is lined with polypropylene or acid-resistant stainless steel. The nozzle sprays the coating agent on the surface of compound fertilizer particles at the entrance of the cylinder, and the particles are coated with a film during the rotational movement of the particles in the cylinder.
Coating technology of NPK compound fertilizer production equipment
Advantages of coating in compound fertilizer production line
According to the capacity of NPK fertilizer production line, the diameter of the cylinder of the coating machine can be between 1.2-1.8m. In the production of fertilizer equipment, the granulation, drying, cooling process and coating process are continuous, without affecting the output. The coating machine automatically completes the coating process without manual labor.

The surface of NPK compound fertilizer particles treated by coating process is smooth and glossy, and it is not easy to agglomerate in storage and transportation. NPK fertilizer production line with coating machine produces high-quality fertilizer products. New technology and equipment for fertilizer production line have higher value and competitiveness.