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How to use organic fertilizer equipment to refine powdery organic fertilizer

High quality organic fertilizer powder must be fermented to eliminate pathogens, parasite eggs and weed seeds before organic fertilizer can be applied. Powdery organic fertilizer production line is suitable for the fermentation and decomposition process of organic fertilizer. It produces organic fertilizer powder with simple process and labor saving. Only a few simple organic fertilizer equipment: compost turning machine, loader feeding hopper, half wet material crusher, rotary screener, packing machine.

Composting fermentation generally uses high-temperature fermentation, can use stacked composting or fermentation groove composting. Passive ventilation strip stacking composting is to simply stack raw materials for passive ventilation. Although the cost of investment and operation is low, this method can not meet the requirements of continuous aerobic composting. If the reactor is not properly managed, anaerobic conditions may be formed, composting temperature is low, reaction is slow, and odor may be produced. Therefore, the use of organic fertilizer equipment to produce organic fertilizer ensures the quality of organic fertilizer, fast fermentation speed and high yield.

Mixing manure with straw and weed, straw should be crushed by straw crusher first, so that the fermentation speed can be accelerated. The temperature in the stack can reach 65 ℃, which can kill most of the pathogens, eggs, grass seeds and so on. Carbon, nitrogen and water content of compost should be regulated during fermentation. Water content of compost should generally be controlled between 60% and 70%. Fermentation materials are regularly dumped by the turning machine to increase oxygen in the materials so that the materials can be continuously aerobically fermented and the quality of organic fertilizer is good.
Powdery organic fertilizer production line
Powdery organic fertilizer production line needs simple equipment, low investment cost, good fermentation degree of fertilizer products produced, can improve soil structure and enhance fertilizer efficiency.