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Compost is not organic fertilizer-the concept of organic fertilizer

"All the fertilizers containing organic matter are organic fertilizers", "after composting, they are organic fertilizers", "all the fertilizers that are not chemical fertilizers are organic fertilizers", "organic fertilizers are easy to make, and they can be retreaded by themselves". Many farmers have a serious lack of understanding of organic fertilizer, and a limited understanding of organic fertilizer. Composting is only a semi-finished product. Organic fertilizer and subsequent fertilizer manufacturing process.

With the advancement of organic fertilizer and the replacement of chemical fertilizer by fruit and vegetable organic fertilizer, the use of organic fertilizer has also attracted widespread attention. The organic fertilizer market is booming. However, due to the low threshold of industry standards, farmers lack of understanding of the concept and technical standards of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is the general term of organic fertilizer, which is different from fertilizer, organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. Organic fertilizer promotes soil microorganism to increase the beneficial effect of plant growth.

What kind of product is organic fertilizer?
fertilizer granulesfertilizer granules
1. Appearance requirements: the appearance color is brown or taupe, grain or powder, uniform, free of odor and mechanical impurities.

2. The processing technology of organic fertilizer accords with the technical index.

3. The indicators of heavy metals in organic fertilizers meet the standards.

4. The index of roundworm egg mortality and fecal coliform number should meet the standard requirements.

The compost in the production process of organic fertilizer is different from the traditional manure and manure. It is a kind of aerobic fermentation process, which produces various degradation enzymes under aerobic or micro aerobic conditions to realize the rapid degradation of organic fertilizer. The biggest difference between compost and traditional compost and manure is that enough oxygen is needed in the process of compost fermentation. The lack of oxygen supply is easy to cause anaerobic fermentation and produce peculiar smell and sewage. In order to promote the oxygen consumption fermentation, the fermentation reactor is processed by the windrow turner in the fermentation process to increase the oxygen supply. There are generally four forms of composting process, including traditional composting, stacker fermentation, fermentor fermentation and tower fermentation.

Compost fermentation process is different from that of agricultural fertilizer. After composting, it is only a semi-finished product. The production of organic fertilizer needs follow-up technology. It needs equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine, rotary dryer, screener machine to make compost into organic fertilizer particle products. The production of organic fertilizer is to use various solid organic waste resources as much as possible to fertilize and fertilize the soil to increase the organic matter of the soil.