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Composting fermentation turning machine is a good helper for processing cow manure

Cattle manure compost fermentation turner plays a key role in the whole process of organic fertilizer production, especially in cattle farms. For small-scale cattle farms, cattle manure treatment is not a big problem, but once the scale produces more than 1000 tons of dung every year, it will become a big problem. The organic fertilizer production equipment, such as cow manure compost turning machine, can not only reduce the pollution of cow manure, but also make the manure harmless, reduce and resource treatment.

Features of cow manure compost turning machine

The composting fermentation turner uses modern technology to treat livestock manure, agricultural and animal husbandry waste, urban domestic waste, filter mud, sludge, waste residue, distiller's grains, etc. innocuously and synergistically, so as to make it a safe fertilizer to improve soil and improve crop quality. It is an ideal equipment to convert some pollution sources and organic wastes into bio organic fertilizer. The equipment of cattle manure compost turner has the characteristics of simple operation, full fermentation, short fermentation cycle, small pollution and convenient expansion. The fermented products treated by this machine can be further processed by organic fertilizer granulator.

Maintenance of composting fermentation turning machine

1. Check regularly, tighten the connecting bolts and nuts, and check whether the oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check all parts of the bolts, whether the cotter pins are damaged, replace them with new ones if necessary, and the cotter pins shall not be replaced by other objects.
3. Check whether the changing knife is defective and whether the fastening bolts are loose, and if necessary, make up and tighten them.
4. Clean the hardened attachments on the turning machine.
5. After the mixer has been working for one season, replace the gear oil of the reduction box, check the bearings of all parts, disassemble and clean, apply new butter, install it, and replace it if it is severely worn.
6. Check whether the scimitar is worn to different degrees, and replace it with a new one if necessary.
7. The turner will not work for a long time, and all exposed parts should be oiled to prevent rust and covered when placed outdoors.