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How to increase the output of small fertilizer disc granulator

Disc granulator is widely used in various industries. It is also the common granulation equipment of NPK fertilizer production line and the core of fertilizer production process. Let's talk about how to deal with the problem of poor output of equipment.

Controlling the water content of granulation particles

According to the characteristics of the powder, such as composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity and temperature, the moisture content of the particles should be controlled at about 30-28%.

(1) If the water content is too much, the product made by disc granulation mechanism has many big balls, and the surface of the ball is sticky and easy to block the screen surface;

(2) Suitable water content, more pellets and high yield;

(3) Too little water content, difficult to ball, low yield.
How to increase the output of small fertilizer disc granulator

How to preliminarily test the water quantity of granules in the production process

The most simple and practical method is to grab a ball of material from the disc granulator machine by hand, which can form a ball and can be released by touching it with fingers. In this way, more grains are produced and the screen surface is not easily blocked.