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Recommendation of large capacity and efficient manure composting equipment

As a fertilizer machine enterprise which has been operating for many years, our NPK fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer equipment have been sold all over the world, and now they are loved and supported by customers in various countries.

Generally, trough compost turner machine is recommended for the fermentation process of feces. Materials can be stacked in the tank to a higher height, which can save space and turn the pile efficiently. The overturning and throwing machine can move from one fermentation tank to another through a shift truck, and the tank type tipping machine can be used for multiple fermentation tanks. The equipment can be used in the environment temperature of - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃. It has strong adaptability to the characteristics of fermentation materials.
Recommendation of large capacity and efficient manure composting equipment

According to the particularity of fermentation materials, compost turning machine is made of corrosion-resistant materials, so it is more durable. It is a popular model with reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high automation, easy to use and low cost. Of course, users can also consider the relatively flexible bar and stack fermentation, which has no special requirements for the site, but occupies a much larger area than the tank fermentation.