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Compound fertilizer processing equipment selection guide

The situation of compound fertilizer industry is good. Many people invest in running factories to produce compound fertilizer. The biggest investment in fertilizer production should be compound fertilizer equipment. How to choose NPK fertilizer production equipment is a headache for people. This article teaches you to choose professional NPK fertilizer production process and equipment, so that you can minimize investment and maximize profits, and start higher than others in the compound fertilizer industry.

Key points for purchasing compound fertilizer equipment

In the process of purchasing compound fertilizer equipment, we found that most people only pay attention to two points. One is good equipment quality, the other is reasonable price. The former is only concerned with quality, and often costs too much, resulting in unnecessary cost, so it is difficult to earn back investment in a period of time. Second, although the price of the machine is cheap, after a period of use, equipment wear and life loss and other costs, the final total cost is not low, and the quality of the products produced by the fertilizer granulator machine is not up to the requirements, the gain is not worth the loss.
Tianci machine manufacturer tells you that whether you are concerned about the price of compound fertilizer equipment or the quality of equipment, you still need to pay attention to service. It is better to be a comprehensive company with strong quality, price and service, because quality and service are related to equipment life and price is related to cost. Tianci machine manufacturer suggest that you should take a comprehensive consideration before making a purchase decision.
NPK fertilizer production process equipmentNPK fertilizer production process equipment

How to distinguish the common fertilizer and compound fertilizer mainly depends on the fertilizer manufacturing process. Their production equipment is different, chemical fertilizer must be made by chemical methods, using equipment such as ammonia station, acid storage tank, etc. The fertilizer manufacturing process we proposed does not need chemical methods, has simple production equipment and high return on investment.