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New fertilizer granulation process of environmental protection and green


Green and environmentally friendly fertilizer manufacturing process

According to the different requirements of the products, the granulation methods of the fertilizer manufacturing process are roughly divided into four kinds: drum granulation, disc granulation, roller extrusion granulation and die extrusion granulation. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the drum granulator processing mode is accompanied by the volatilization of ammonia and other waste gas, the cost of tail gas treatment is very high, and the profits of small and medium-sized fertilizer enterprises are reduced. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as the supplement of large-scale fertilizer enterprises, mainly produce organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. According to the different raw materials, the fertilizer factory selects the disc fertilizer granulator or flat die extrusion granulator, and the inorganic fertilizer selects the double roller fertilizer granulator. As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we have considered the environmental protection index and quality index of the production in the process design.

Double roller granulator NPK fertilizer production process

double roller fertilizer granulator
Double roller fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of high forming rate and even production granularity. The machine is energy-saving and high-yield, the particle size can be adjusted at will, so as to maximize the interests of users. In the dry powder granulation process, dust is easy to be produced in the granulation process, because the water content of dry powder material after crushing is small, the drop is large, and a certain amount of dust overflows in the process of material falling. In the process of process design, we should pay full attention to the dust control of double roller fertilizer granulator, strengthen the air suction and dust removal, and control the dust in this process well.
There are three benefits
1. Keep the environment clean and reduce the dust pollution in the workshop.
2. Optimize the local operation environment for the inspection and operation of operators.
3. Improve the service life of the equipment.

The environmental protection index of fertilizer production process has attracted the high attention of fertilizer enterprises. We should enhance environmental protection awareness in process design, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation and other stages to ensure that the production line delivered for use has the characteristics of clean and environmental protection, and adapt to the constantly improving environmental protection requirements.