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High cost performance granulator machine for livestock manure organic fertilizer

The function of manure organic fertilizer granulator in the production of organic fertilizer is irreplaceable by other equipment. Granulator is the necessary fertilizer manufacturing equipment for every organic fertilizer manufacturer. Granulator can make the hardened or agglomerated powder into particles of uniform size, improve the appearance and use effect of fertilizer, and improve the competitiveness of products.

What should be paid attention to when using organic fertilizer granulator of livestock manure?

1. The storage environment should be clean and the humidity should be moderate.

2. The line should be well arranged to avoid many lines tangled together, because it is easy to cause fire.

3. The organic fertilizer granulator is forbidden to run without load, and the hot machine must be fed to avoid stick sticking (shaft holding).

4. When the fuselage is not stable, it is necessary to check whether the clearance of the coupling is too tight and adjust it in time.

5. Check and clean the organic fertilizer granulator regularly.

6. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing chamber of the main engine of the organic fertilizer granulator burn hands or have noise, stop the machine for maintenance and add grease. In normal operation, the bearing chamber should be filled with grease every 5-6 days.

7. Pay attention to find out the operation law of the machine; for example, the temperature and speed of the machine can be handled timely according to the situation.
livestock manure organic fertilizer granulator

When purchasing fertilizer granulation production equipment, consider whether the machine is suitable for raw material granulation. The organic fertilizer granulator has a very good granulation effect on the fermented poultry manure and is cost-effective. It is the first consideration for fertilizer plants when purchasing organic fertilizer machine.