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Why the finished granules of the organic fertilizer granulator become rough

Organic fertilizer granulator makes organic raw materials into granules needed by users for later use or sale. The service life of organic fertilizer granulator depends on whether the daily maintenance of the equipment is in place.

We need to pay attention to the fact that with the extension of service time, the parts of the organic fertilizer granulator will wear and the finished product particles may become rough. Different types of granulators have different wearing parts. The double roller of roller granulator is a vulnerable part. The inner lining plate of organic fertilizer granulator is the key to granulation. If the lost liner is not treated in time, the particle size of the finished product will increase.
organic fertilizer granulator
At this time we need to replace the pellet machine liner. When replacing the gasket inside the organic fertilizer granulator, it must be cleaned near the exhaust port first. When replacing new wear parts, the transmission parts must be oiled to ensure lubricity. New wear parts must also be loosened and fixed in place to avoid unnecessary damage.

If the daily maintenance of the organic fertilizer machine is done well, the service life of the granulator machine will be greatly extended. We must cherish the equipment during use, the main thing is not to let the equipment run idly, pay attention to the change of equipment temperature, and do not overload it. If there is noise during the production of organic fertilizer, stop the operation and check in time, and use the equipment after troubleshooting.