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How much does it cost to process pig manure and straw into organic fertilizer

With the rapid development of modern animal husbandry and agriculture, a large number of crop straw and animal manure are produced every year. Solid waste has gradually become an important source of pollution, causing serious environmental problems. But at the same time, pig manure and crop straw are rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, and are important organic fertilizer sources. These wastes yield huge and basically free. These straws and manure are processed through the organic fertilizer production line, which is a green and efficient commercial organic fertilizer.

So how much does it cost to process pig manure and straw into organic fertilizer? We mainly process pig manure and straw through organic fertilizer production line, ferment these wastes, mix fermentation materials through compost dumper, and then finish the compost granulation and drying. Organic fertilizer production line equipment to complete manure organic fertilizer processing. These organic fertilizer production equipment are the early production costs that need to be invested. Organic fertilizer production line can not only effectively solve the problem of pig manure, but also get a lot of profit returns. It is very practical and conducive to environmental protection.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

The main equipment used in a pig manure organic fertilizer production line is: crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum dryer, rotary drum cooler, automatic packing machine. The equipment cost of an organic fertilizer production line is about 20,000-200,000 US dollars. The output of the organic fertilizer production line varies with the scale of the fertilizer plant, the processing technology varies, and the equipment cost varies. The higher the automation degree of organic fertilizer production line, the lower the unit cost of fertilizer processing, the less labor, and the higher the equipment cost of fertilizer production line.