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How to Use BB Fertilizer and BB Fertilizer Production Line

BB fertilizer is a balanced fertilization product made by physical processing technology. BB fertilizer production line raw materials are more common, such as urea, potassium chloride, diammonium phosphate and trace elements fertilizer. According to different crops, soil conditions and fertilizer properties, BB fertilizer production line mixes various high concentration particles into BB fertilizer in a certain proportion.

For different fertilizer efficiency characteristics, adaptation range, dosage, and application period, the BB fertilizer production line produced different crop-specific BB fertilizers, and farmers should use BB fertilizer according to the instructions.
1. When using BB fertilizer, pay attention to the properties of the soil. The early-growing paddy field with heavy sandy soil should be used for 10-15% in the second tillage. The sticky soil is generally late, and the early emergence is slow, and the BB fertilizer can be used as the base fertilizer at one time.
2. In order to maintain soil fertility, BB fertilizer should be combined with organic fertilizer such as pig and sheep manure.
3. BB fertilizer should not be applied as base fertilizer, but 3-5 centimeters in surface soil.
4. On the basis of general BB fertilizer, the yield of high-yielding fields increased by 15-20%.
5. When BB fertilizer is applied to cash crops and vegetables, do not spread it, sow it in the way of strip and hole. BB fertilizer is 3-5 cm away from seeds and roots of crops.

Processing Technology of BB Fertilizer Production Line
1. Automatic ingredient of fertilizers with different nutrients
2. Stirring
3. Automatic packaging
4. Finished products
BB Fertilizer Production Line

Equipment of BB Fertilizer Production Line
BB fertilizer blender is a professional equipment for mixing BB fertilizer granules. BB fertilizer blender fully mixes different granules, at the same time, it ensures that these granules are not crushed, ensures the quality of fertilizer after mixing, and improves the quality of BB fertilizer. BB fertilizer mixer is the core of BB fertilizer production line because of its large mixing capacity and strong pertinence.
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