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Cyclone dust collector deals with dust in compound fertilizer production

In the production of compound fertilizer, because of the low moisture content of the raw material, the fertilizer is often crushed and uneven solid. When the raw material is transported to the equipment, the dust concentration in the air of the production site will be too high. When discharging the waste gas from fertilizer production, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not treat it reasonably, which results in the waste gas discharging not up to the standard and causes dust pollution to the environment. Therefore, cyclone dust collector is often equipped in compound fertilizer production equipment to deal with the waste gas in production.
Cyclone dust collectorCyclone dust collector

Principle of cyclone dust collector
The principle of cyclone dust collector is to use centrifugal force produced by cyclone dust collector to separate the dust with a density greater than the airflow from the airflow. The separated dust is eliminated the inertia of the airflow, attached to the inner wall of cyclone dust collector, and finally falls along the inner wall of the dust hopper under the action of gravity.
Cyclone dust collector

Advantages of cyclone dust collector
The principle of cyclone dust collector is simple, its structure is complex, and it is easy to install. The whole equipment is self-contained and occupies a small area.

The power of cyclone dust collector is not large, it will not consume too much power in the operation process, the maintenance cost is not high, the investment cost is low, and the dust removal effect is good.

It has a good separation effect for collecting and separating 5-10um and above particulate dust, and is not limited by the temperature and concentration of dust airflow.

It is widely used in mines, metallurgy, refractories, building materials, chemical industry and other industries besides dust removal in fertilizer production.