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How to make organic fertilizer from manure of poultry farming

The manure produced by poultry farming is the high quality raw material for making organic fertilizer, which contains a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter, as well as some trace elements. Animal manure is processed into organic fertilizer after deodorization, fermentation of bio-fertilizer bacteria and complete decomposition, which is rich in nutrients. Bio-organic fertilizer made from poultry manure can improve soil structure, alleviate soil compaction and increase soil organic matter content.

How is poultry farming manure composted
Composting is the primary operation for the production of organic manure from poultry manure. Composting is to collect and stack manure, add a certain amount of straw, straw, sawdust and other accessories, and also add fermentation bacteria to shorten the composting reaction time.
By adjusting the C/N ratio, the C/N ratio of compost is best controlled at 25-35. Excessive C/N ratio will slow down composting progress and have adverse effects on crop growth. Low C/N ratio will make microorganisms grow too vigorously and reduce composting quality.
The water content of compost is generally between 50% and 65%.
Under certain conditions of humidity, temperature, C/N ratio and ventilation, aerobic fermentation was controlled. 
At the beginning of composting, the temperature of the compost is generally similar to that of the environment. After 1-2 days, the temperature of the compost rises to 50-65 ℃. During the middle period of fermentation, the compost temperature is 50-70 ℃. Under such high temperature, pathogens, insect eggs and weed seeds can be killed to the greatest extent. At the same time, the organic matter can be rapidly degraded into stable humus and converted into organic fertilizer.
In the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, attention should be paid to ventilation to provide oxygen for the material. 
In the organic fertilizer production industry, the mechanical equipment compost turner machine is usually used to turn the material to promote microbial fermentation.
poultry farming manure

After composting is ripe, the color of compost is usually black-brown or black, and it smells of wet soil. The compost is directly used as raw material for organic fertilizer processing. The commercial organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line has high value and good quality.