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Dehydration principle of dry and wet separation of pig manure

When the fresh feces are dehydrated, the solid-liquid separation equipment is needed. For example, the pig farm needs to use the pig manure dry and wet separator to separate the solid manure and urine, so as to reduce the moisture content of the material. The dehydrated manure can be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process. After dehydration, feces will not produce a lot of odor and water, gas pollution, but also facilitate the next step of transportation or fermentation fertilizer. So what is the principle of the wet and dry separator?

Pig manure dewatering machine

At present, the wet and dry separators of animal excrement used in animal husbandry are all extrusion dehydrators, which rely on a spiral main shaft to continuously compress the materials, and then the liquid produced is discharged from the gap of the screen to achieve the purpose of dehydration. This dehydration method has high efficiency and good effect. It can flexibly control the moisture content of extruded materials by adjusting the position of counterweight, so as to meet the needs of different uses in the later stage.
Blade: the extruded spiral blade is specially reinforced with two wings to prevent wear.
Tail: according to different requirements of solid matter, adjust the dry humidity of discharge.
manure dewatering machine

Principle of dry and wet separation of pig manure

The working principle of the dry and wet separator is also quite simple. A special pump is used to lift the original fecal water and fecal residue in the cesspool to the fecal processor at the same time, and the dehydrated original fecal water and fecal residue are pushed forward by the extrusion screw placed in the screen mesh, wherein the dry substance is separated by mutual extrusion with the solid substance column formed in the mouth of the separator; the fecal water is filtered out through the screen mesh and returned It flows into the original septic tank. The separated pig manure is composted and fermented, and then the material is tossed by the windrow turner, finally it becomes solid organic fertilizer.

The manure solid-liquid separator provided by Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer is movable and does not need to be fixed during installation. The machine can be installed on the cement ground near the livestock manure pool, but the ground is required to be flat. The size of the livestock manure tank shall be determined by the site conditions of the user, and the water depth shall not exceed 2.5m. In addition to the dehydration equipment before organic fertilizer fermentation, we also provide organic fertilizer production equipment, NPK fertilizer production process, fertilizer granulation equipment.