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Quality control of installation engineering of disc granulator

With the continuous improvement of pelletizing equipment technology, coupled with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the installation quality of the disc granulator for organic and inorganic fertilizers has gradually become a necessary production link that enterprises attach importance to. The high standard production of disc granulator machine is the necessary condition to ensure the product quality.

NPK fertilizer production granulation

For granulation, first of all, we should master the nature of its raw materials, as well as its requirements for granulation equipment. Disc granulator series equipment is very suitable for NPK compound fertilizer granulation requirements. The whole equipment of NPK fertilizer production line includes raw material transportation part, batching part, granulation main machine part, screening part, semi-finished product transportation equipment, dust removal system, return material system and automatic packaging system. All the machines are combined so that the whole granulation process can be operated circularly and continuously, and the loss of raw materials can be minimized.

Installation of disc granulator

According to the requirements of the layout plan and installation technical specifications of the granulator determined by the fertilizer manufacturing process, the organic fertilizer production equipment that has arrived in the plant shall be unpacked for inspection, and the granulator shall be installed on the specified basis for leveling and stabilization to reach the required horizontal accuracy, and shall be handed over for production after passing the commissioning and acceptance. These works are collectively referred to as the installation of the disc granulator.
disc granulator machine

The installation of the disc granulator has gradually become a technical standard for the performance of the contemporary scientific and technological level. If you want to further improve the quality control of the installation project of the disc granulator, you can introduce the relevant mechanical granulation installation technical means and methods, and improve the technical level of the relevant construction personnel, which are important factors to improve the quality of the installation control. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, improving the technology of the staff is the basis of improving the safety, so as to create more value for the enterprise. In order to develop better, the staff of the enterprise must constantly innovate and work hard.