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Design of large inclined belt conveyor for fertilizer auxiliary equipment

In fertilizer production, whether raw materials are crushed or granulated by disc granulator machine, conveyors are needed to connect various equipment. The common belt conveyor can safely transport the materials to the designated destination with an inclination angle of 10°~18°. If this inclination angle is exceeded, the materials will slide relatively on the tape, and in severe cases, they will all slip off, causing belt conveying. The machine is not working properly.
Relatively speaking, the deep groove belt conveyor can solve the above problems well. This kind of conveyor can realize large inclination transportation and solve the transportation problem of organic fertilizer machine, and the machine has simple structure and reliable operation.
large inclined belt conveyor

When the belt conveyor is running, it must ensure that there is no relative movement between the material and the belt, and that there is enough friction between the material and the material, and between the material and the belt. Generally, we can follow the following principles in design:
1. Reduce the length of the intermediate horizontal idler.
2. Increase the idler groove angle.
3. Lengthen the side idler length.