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Problems that should be paid attention to in the production of organic fertilizer equipment

In recent years, there are a series of problems to be solved in the production, distribution and practical application of bio organic fertilizer. Compared with chemical fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer has a whole set of nutrient elements, such as improving soil, improving product quality, improving crop rhizosphere microbial community, improving plant resistance to diseases and pests, promoting the use of chemical fertilizer, improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and so on.

Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of bio organic fertilizer with dual functions of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer, which is mainly made of animal and plant residues such as livestock manure and crop straw, supplemented by pollution-free organic matter and fertilizer manufacturing equipment.

1. The management of fertilizer products should be standardized

At present, the management is not standardized, and the product standards need to be strengthened. In addition, it is urgent to standardize foreign fertilizer products. The price of some imported fertilizer products is too high, which damages the interests of farmers.

2. The cognitive level needs to be corrected

In recent years, there have been many misunderstandings about microbial fertilizer, such as the incorrect distinction between bio organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. Adding beneficial bacteria into bio organic fertilizer, granulating was carried out with organic fertilizer granulator. Many people are lack of understanding of bio organic fertilizer and can not use bio organic fertilizer reasonably, which reduces the reputation of microbial fertilizer.
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3. Research needs to be strengthened

The basic research and Application Research of microbial fertilizer research department obviously lags behind the production practice, and many factors restricting the application effect have not been deeply studied. For many years, the production mode and long-term scientific research investment of microbial fertilizer are very low, which restricts the development of application.

4. Need to improve product quality

At present, the quality of bio organic fertilizer products in the market is uneven, the use effect is not stable, the composition of some products needs to be improved, and there are many quality problems. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine professional processing of fertilizer products are guaranteed.