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How does the disc granulator process fertilizer through the organic compound fertilizer production line

Process flow of organic compound fertilizer production line
Fermentation and turn over of cow manure, pig manure, chicken manure, straw, wine residue, biogas residue, food processing waste, compost crushing, organic matter and NPK nutrient distribution, disc granulation, drying and cooling, particle screening (sifted material returned to the organic compound fertilizer production line for re-granulation), finished product packaging

Disc granulation fertilizer production process
Disc granulator is an important process in the production line of organic compound fertilizer disc granulation. The pelletizing rate and quality of the pelletizer directly affect the operation of follow-up equipment. Material enters the disc granulator through conveyor. By adding water and rotating the disc, the material rolls gradually into small balls of various sizes. In order to strengthen the movement, grading and smooth discharge of qualified pellets, the disc is usually inclined to 45°-50° installation, but can also be arbitrarily adjusted within the prescribed range. The trajectories of small spheres with different diameters are different in the course of rotation. The large particles are located on the surface and the edge of the disk. When the feeding quantity is larger than the filling quantity of the disc, the qualified pellets with large particles are discharged automatically. According to the output of disc granulation, two or more disc granulators can be used at the same time to improve the efficiency of fertilizer production line equipment.
disc fertilizer granulation production line

Drying of organic compound fertilizer production line equipment
The material transported from the disc granulator has a high moisture content, and the moisture content of the product should be below 15%. Therefore, the organic fertilizer particles must be dried by the dryer. However, the drying temperature of organic fertilizer is not the higher the better, because the organic matter can not withstand too high temperature, so it is necessary to control the appropriate drying machine import, export temperature and drying time. The organic compound fertilizer production line adopts the drum drying system, and the dryer performs drying while ensuring that the temperature of the material in the dryer is below 65 ℃, which satisfies the drying process requirements of the biological organic fertilizer.

The organic compound fertilizer disc granulation production line adopts various processes, and the organic compound fertilizer product has the advantages of comprehensive nutrient and long fertilizer efficiency, and better solves the problem that the bio-organic fertilizer is difficult to be granulated and dried, and the disc granulation is difficult. The equipment has mature technology, high efficiency and good product quality.