Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line with Annual Output of 18,000 tons

Organic fertilizer disc granulation production line is widely used in farmland, fruit trees, flowers, landscape greening, soil improvement and other fields. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, with short production process, simple structure, less investment and easy operation. Due to different materials, different site conditions and different product objectives, fertilizer production equipment and production line layout are different.
Mainly includes equipment: crushing equipment, mixing equipment, conveying equipment, granulation equipment, drying and cooling equipment, screening equipment, coating equipment, automatic packaging equipment.
Raw material pretreatment
Fermentation is the first step after material collection. Fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials is the process of sterilization, pest control, pest control and beneficial bacteria promotion. There is less oxygen at the bottom of the material after accumulation, and the fermentation is slow. It is necessary to use the compost turner machine to dump the material to accelerate the fermentation speed. After the fermentation, the material is crushed into powder, and then processed in the organic fertilizer granulation production line. Here is a brief introduction of a mature organic fertilizer disc granulation production line designed by our factory for many years.

Video of Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line
The Single Silo Single Weigh Dynamic Automatic Batching System weighs the materials according to the required proportion. This batching machine is mainly suitable for 3 to 8 kinds of the material feeding , burdening and mixing , which use the computer for automatic control scale and with pneumatic door for main quantitative feeding control , material after mixing with a belt machine automatically sent out.

Chain Crusher: The machine has compact structure, low power consumption and convenient maintenance. It is also suitable for crushing compound fertilizer raw materials.

Vertical Disc Mixer: The mixer machine is mainly used for mixing raw material in batches, material can be fully mixed. The mixer adopts the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer, which has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, unloading transportation is convenient.

Feeding Machine:The machine is mainly used for mixing and feeding of raw materials, has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient unloading and transportation.
Disc Granulator: This granulator design is thicker, heavier and more stable, not need to be fixed by anchor bolts. The rotating disc and its edge exert friction and centrifugal action on the material, which causes the powder particles to knead and extrude with each other and gradually agglomerate into spheres. Because of the difference of particle mass, the gravity and centrifugal action are also different. When the gravity and centrifugal action increase enough to overcome the friction between particles, they will be thrown out of the disk, and smaller particles will remain in the disk and continue to accumulate fine particles.
Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line
5.Drying and cooling
Rotary Drum Dryer: After granulating, granules humidity is high, need drying with dryer machine. The heat source of the drum dryer comes from the Hot Air Stove and adopts the downstream heating mode. Material in the machine is repeatedly copied by the board, and then continuously spread down, fully exchanged with the hot air flow in the cylinder, the moisture content is gradually dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Rotary Cooler: After drying, the granules need cooling down to noraml temperature. Under the action of the cooling fan, the dry air enters from the lower part of the cooler and exchanges sufficiently with the wet and hot particles from the upper tribe and the lower tribe, reduce the granulation temperature of fertilizer.
Cyclone Dust Collector: Cyclone dust collector is mainly used for pre dust removal and separation and recovery of high concentration dust, widely in fertilizer production, chemical dustry, mining, metallurgy, refractories, building matrials.
Rotary Screener Machine: There are some non-uniform particles, after sieving get the appropriate granules that we need, the small diameter particle can be screened down for twice processing, the bigger granules go to the crusher machine again. Screening twice to ensure get the proper size of particles
Chain crusher: The particles are sifted, chain crusher crush the big granules into powder, and through conveyor transport them into batching system for re-granulation.
Coating machine: Coating on the surface of fertilizer particles, can effectively prevent the organic fertilizer caking.
Packing Machine:Automatic quantitative packaging of powder and granules, suitable for flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, building materials industries.
Organic fertilizer disc granulation production line is one of the treatments for organic fertilizer granulation. The specific investment and construction should be adjusted according to the actual situation.