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Double Roller Press Granulator for Fertilizer Granulating Production Line

With the development of agricultural production, people have higher and higher requirements on the appearance, physical properties and utility of fertilizers. The demand for solid granular compound fertilizer is increasing. The fertilizer granulating production line has developed rapidly in the production of compound fertilizer, and has become the basic configuration of fertilizer granulation.

1. Fertilizer granulating production line can make fertilizer into granules, which can alleviate the release rate of nutrients and enhance the ability of continuous fertilizer supply.

2. The product of fertilizer granulating production line has strong pertinence. It is a pertinence fertilizer made according to local demand and crop growth characteristics. It has a good effect on improving crop yield.

3. The granulation of special compound fertilizer for crops can save a lot of labor and cost in transportation and application.

Double Roller Press Granulator for Fertilizer Granulating Production Line
double roller press granulator
Double roller press granulator is produced at room temperature without drying process, and the product is formed once. Compound fertilizer particles are flat spherical, less than 5.5mm in diameter, high compressive strength, smooth particles, easy to use. Double roller press granulator consists of a pair of rollers with opposite rotating directions. Each roll has a certain number of die holes on its surface. The material enters the hopper and rotates continuously with the rollers. The material is extruded into granules in the die hole, and the product is obtained from the pelletizer. The double roller press granulator does not need heating in the production process. It has better granulating effect on heat-sensitive fertilizers and no chemical reaction occurs between materials.

Compared with other fertilizer granulating production line, the roller press granulator production line has the advantages of low equipment cost and no waste discharge. The production line has the advantages of small power, convenient maintenance, reasonable process arrangement and low production cost.