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Environment-friendly Sludge Biofertilizer Drum Granulator Production Process

A sludge biofertilizer production process can make a large amount of sludge waste into biofertilizer for crop growth. The sludge processing steps are as follows.

1) The viscosity of dewatered sludge is about 40% water content. First, the sludge material is stirred.

2) The material is transported to a high-efficiency dryer, and the initial drying is carried out after high temperature treatment. After drying, the moisture content is controlled between 10% and 15%.

3) The special design of drum screen can solve the problem of screen adhesion.

4) After screening, the qualified particles are sent to the metering bin, and after crushing, the particles are sent to the metering bin.

5) Transport qualified raw materials such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other materials to their respective metering boxes.

6) After weighing the raw material, it is ventilated by saturated steam (or water) and granulated by rotary drum granulator. Material containing a certain liquid is rolled and extruded into small particles, which act as the core and stick to the particles in the form of powder. Finally, the material forms large particles.
drum granulator biofertilizer production line
7) In the organic fertilizer dryer, heat is exchanged by hot blast stove.

8) Select the particles in the drum screener, and return the small particles directly to the biofertilizer production system.

9) Semi-finished particles are transported to the biofertilizer rotary cooler, which can be cooled by natural or forced cooling air.

10) Transfer to the finished screen stretcher, after pulverizing, the large particles can be replayed back to the rotary drum granulator.

11) The qualified products after screening are transported to the automatic packing machine for weighing, packaging and warehousing.

12) The exhaust gas generated in the process of biofertilizer production passes through cyclone, labyrinth and wet washing, and then discharges.

The sludge fertilizer manufacturing process has the following advantages
Steam is injected into the rotary drum granulator, the temperature of granulating material is increased in the material layer, and the salt is dissolved in the granulating material, which satisfies the moisture requirement of the material granulation and reduces the evaporative drying process of the water.

There are a certain number of inner lining plates in the drum granulator. Attachment materials are affected by gravity to achieve the function of automatic cleaning and bonding materials.

In operation, the operator can observe the granulation situation of fertilizer manufacturing process at any time and take appropriate measures to ensure the normal operation of the biological fertilizer production system.