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What are the characteristics of granulation in NPK compound fertilizer production equipment

China Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers provide the compound fertilizer production process: rotary drum granulator steam granulation to produce high-concentration compound fertilizer process, drum granulation process, namely NPK fertilizer production line, which is widely used in compound fertilizer production and implementation. The disc granulator has no steam granulation to produce high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer anti-caking technology, high-nitrogen compound fertilizer production technology, urea melt spray granulation production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer technology and so on. At present, there are also acid and ammonia spray granulation methods on the market of compound fertilizer equipment, which are suitable for large, medium and small enterprises.

Main features of the new granulation process for NPK fertilizer production:
1. Using tubular reactor and gas ammoniation technology to improve the characteristics of granulating materials and granulation conditions, the granulation temperature is 70-80℃, and the granulation rate is 70-80%.

2. Using a high-efficiency drying technology, the drying intensity is improved by the induced draft fan, and the moisture content of the product reaches the standard content.

3. Hot blast stove adopts clean fluidized bed combustion technology to improve heating effect and reduce energy consumption.

4. Hot sieving and hot granular crushing technology are adopted to make full use of the heat of the compound fertilizer production system.

5. Screening equipment adopts new and efficient screening technology to improve screening efficiency and product particle uniformity.

6. Cooling treatment adopts a unique and efficient new cooling technology to reduce the temperature of granular packaging as much as possible.

7. NPK fertilizer production process can greatly reduce equipment investment and operation costs. After continuous improvement in recent years, a new process suitable for urea enterprises to produce urea-based compound fertilizer has been developed.

Characteristics of Fertilizer Products
The nutrient content of the product is equalized, and the compound fertilizer can provide nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients to the crop at a certain ratio to ensure balanced crop growth.
As well-known fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, we provide process compound fertilizer with good physical properties, uniform particle size distribution, high particle strength and good fluidity, which is not easy to break up in transportation, storage and stacking.