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Frame and function of disc fertilizer granulator

Disc granulator is a commonly used pelletizing equipment in fertilizer industry. It has simple structure and wide application of raw materials. It is an important machine in fertilizer manufacturing process. The following is a description of the composition and function of the machine by Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers.
disc fertilizer granulator

Framework of disc fertilizer granulator: Because the whole transmission and rotation parts are supported by the frame and have strength, our factory adopts excellent carbon channel welding for the frame components in production, and has passed strict quality certification and specific technical requirements, which has reached the machine use standard.

Adjustment part: The most important part of the disc fertilizer granulator is the granulating disc, and the center of gravity of the granulator disc is installed on the adjustment parts. Our company specializes in using high-quality welding carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed the strict quality standard certification, which has met the requirements of the machine used.

Drive parts: The whole machine drive parts are very important, and the whole work depends on it. The motor installed on the transmission rack and reducer adopts the international standard quality products, and the quality is reliable. Motor drives pulley, triangle belt, reducer and pinion, pinion drives big gear and drives granulator board to work. The new type of gear is used and its service life is twice as long as the old one. The pelletizing disc is fixed on the driving shaft, and the connection part of the column head is conical, so the design is more reasonable.

Granulating part: The disc angle of the fertilizer granulator is designed by integral arc, the granulation rate can reach more than 90%, and the bottom of the granulator is strengthened by a variety of radiating steel, which is durable and never deformed.

Automatic cleaning part: This part is installed on the top of the granulator, in the shape of frame, with automatic transparent board. In the fertilizer manufacturing process, the material attached to the machine during production can be removed, which greatly improves the service life of the machine and saves labor.