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Equipment Configuration and Labor Requirements for Small Organic Fertilizer Production Lines


The products produced by the complete set of equipment for organic fertilizer production line are mainly made of chicken, pig, and cow manure as raw materials, which are pure natural and do not contain any chemical components.

Organic fertilizer refers to a type of fertilizer that contains organic matter and can provide various organic and inorganic nutrients for crops, as well as improve soil fertility. With the increasing use of organic fertilizer in various types of organic farmland, organic flower fields, organic tea fields, and organic paddy fields, organic fertilizer production enterprises are also gradually increasing. Under the promotion of the market, organic fertilizer production line equipment improves production construction and continuously plays a role in the market. Under this large platform, it can freely develop and create a new era belonging to organic fertilizer production equipment.

The use of organic fertilizer production equipment is very simple, and it can be easily operated by only 6-7 people, making it convenient and fast. A set of organic fertilizer production equipment can also crush, stir, granulate, dry, and screen various different materials, which is called a multifunctional equipment.

The complete set of equipment for organic fertilizer production line mainly consists of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, ingredient system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system, and finished product packaging system.

The complete set of equipment for the organic fertilizer production line includes:

1. The fermentation system consists of a feed conveyor, a biological deodorant, a mixing mixer, a lifting and tilting machine, and an electrical automatic control system.

2. Drying system, mainly equipped with belt conveyor, rotary dryer, cooling machine, induced draft fan, hot air stove, etc.

3. Deodorization and dust removal system, consisting of settling chamber, dust removal chamber, etc.

4. Crushing systems include new semi wet material crushers, LP chain crushers or cage crushers, belt conveyors, etc.

5. Batching system, including electronic batching system, disc feeder, vibrating screen, can be configured with 6-8 types of raw materials at once.

6. The mixing system can be composed of horizontal mixer or disc mixer, vibrating screen, mobile belt conveyor, etc.

7. The granulation system includes roller extrusion granulation machine, disc granulation machine, flat film granulation machine, bio organic fertilizer spherical granulation machine, organic fertilizer specialized granulation machine, drum granulation machine, rounding machine, etc.

8. The screening system is mainly completed by drum screening machines, which can be equipped with primary and secondary screening machines to achieve higher yield and better particles.

9. Finished product packaging system, including electronic quantitative packaging scales, silos, automatic sewing machines, etc.