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Equipment cost for the entire organic fertilizer production line


When it comes to organic fertilizer equipment, the first thing many people think of is organic fertilizer, which is correct because organic fertilizer equipment is specialized in producing organic fertilizers. However, there are many types of organic fertilizer equipment in terms of raw material selection. Not only can animal manure be used, but also crop straw, tree branches and leaves, kitchen waste, and urban sludge can be used. These can all be made into organic fertilizer using organic fertilizer equipment, This is also why organic fertilizer equipment is called environmental protection equipment, and treating these raw materials into organic fertilizers naturally solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by these raw materials.

Organic fertilizer equipment has become increasingly important for the current agricultural production situation. The current agricultural production form in China is facing a large-scale transformation, and the traditional cultivation and fertilization methods are no longer in line with the development of China's national conditions and the sustainable development of agriculture. The promotion of organic fertilizers is particularly important, and better implementation of promotion in agricultural production has become a challenge now.

The configuration of organic fertilizer production lines varies depending on the annual yield of fertilizers, with prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Some need to be produced into powdered fertilizer to be used as finished products, so the equipment price is relatively low. Some require high-end production of granular fertilizer, and to ensure that the finished granular organic fertilizer has high nutritional value and aesthetics, the equipment price naturally becomes more expensive, including the degree of automation of the production line, which is a reference factor for equipment configuration. So, after understanding the customer's needs, we will tailor appropriate equipment configurations for them, plan reasonably based on the on-site site, and create a good foundation for the customer's project.

How much does the equipment included in the entire organic fertilizer production line cost in total?

1. The production of powdered organic fertilizer is based on the fine crushing treatment after organic fertilizer fermentation, and the required equipment includes: fermentation tipping machine, forklift silo, semi wet material crusher, drum screening machine, automatic packaging scale, etc. The price of small powder organic fertilizer production line equipment is around 100000 yuan.

The production process of granular organic fertilizer is relatively complex, and it is also based on the fermentation process and powdered organic fertilizer process, entering deep processing and granulation. Therefore, the required equipment is also relatively comprehensive, including fermentation tipping machines, forklift silos, semi wet material crushers, horizontal mixers, toothed granulators, rotary dryers, rotary cooling machines, drum screening machines, film wrapping machines, automatic packaging machines, etc. In cases where there are special process requirements, dynamic ingredient scales need to be added. The full set of equipment for small granular organic fertilizer production lines is priced at around 200000 yuan.