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What are the common equipment in organic material production lines?

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Complete fertilizer production process classification: small organic fertilizer production line, biological organic fertilizer equipment, pig manure organic fertilizer production line, chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, cow manure processing organic fertilizer equipment, straw organic fertilizer production line.
What are the most common equipment for organic fertilizer production:
1. Fermentation equipment:
Self-propelled turning and polishing machine: movable wheel turning and polishing machine, crawler turning and polishing machine. Trough turning and polishing machine, chain plate turning and polishing machine, rake tooth turning and polishing machine, spiral turning and polishing machine.
2. Destroy the machine
Vertical destroyer, horizontal destroyer, drip destroyer, high humidity destroyer, semi-humid destroyer, urea destroyer.
3. Mixer:
Pan mixer, horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer, forced double shaft mixer.
4. Screening machine:
Drum screening machine, vibrating screen
5. Conveyor
Bucket elevator, belt conveyor (large inclination belt conveyor, mobile belt conveyor) screw conveyor
6. Granulator:
Organic fertilizer granulator: disc granulator, pair-roll extrusion granulator, columnar extrusion granulator, special granulator for organic fertilizer, internal rotation stirring tooth granulator, drum granulator.
7. Dryer
Drum dryer, three-pass dryer, chicken manure dryer.
8. Supporting equipment:
Photooxygen deodorization equipment, pulse dust collector, livestock and poultry manure dehydrator, active batching system, reversal coating machine, reversal cooling machine, quantitative packaging scale.