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Disk granulator is a commonly used granulation equipment in organic fertilizer production lines


In the past, when people did not pay enough attention to environmental protection, a large amount of chemical fertilizers were used, which not only caused serious soil pollution but also led to a large number of chemical pollution sources in the fertilizer industry. This not only harmed the soil but also posed a threat to people's physical health. Therefore, for environmental protection, we currently need to solve the primary problem. Therefore, the country is vigorously controlling pollution and advocating the use of organic fertilizers. At present, the application of organic fertilizers in agricultural production is becoming increasingly widespread, and organic fertilizer equipment has gradually become an indispensable mechanical equipment. The development of agriculture and modern industry also occupy an extremely important position. Advanced organic fertilizer equipment is an important way to accelerate the development of ecological agriculture and is also an important equipment for the treatment of livestock and poultry manure.

The organic fertilizer production line can organically treat various livestock and poultry excrement and sewage. Through effective drying and density solidification, it can be converted into high-efficiency granular fertilizer, and can also effectively replace various chemical fertilizers. The organic fertilizer equipment has good economic, social, environmental, and sustainable development benefits and value. It is an ideal, reliable, and environmentally friendly renewable energy machinery worth owning. Organic fertilizer equipment itself has significant advantages and characteristics, which have a very convenient, beneficial, and positive promoting effect on the development of China's environment and the orderly promotion of comprehensive governance. Currently, organic fertilizer equipment has been widely used by various large, small, and medium-sized manufacturers for comprehensive use, and is a green, environmentally friendly, circular, and energy-saving efficiency machinery.

The disc granulator is a small organic fertilizer granulation equipment suitable for small production units, with a production capacity generally not exceeding 50000 tons/year. It is the primary stage of drum granulation; The suitable raw materials for drum ammoniation granulation are the production process using thermal phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid as raw materials. The liquid phase of the raw materials is relatively large, but the materials generated after neutralization of these liquids exist in solid form, requiring a small drying amount, but the particle strength is small and the appearance is uneven; Spray granulation can fully utilize the concentration device of phosphoric acid and ammonium slurry from the original ammonium slurry granulation, reducing the process cost of producing composite fertilizer raw materials and greatly reducing costs; Spray granulation is the precursor of ammonia granulation, using liquid phase materials with high water content; High tower granulation is a granulation method developed in recent years, which involves spraying raw materials in a high-temperature molten state through a high tower and forming pellets during the falling process.

The new type of bio organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment can widely replace various chemical fertilizers, and is currently one of the comprehensive manifestations of resource utilization, recycling, and harmless value