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How much does an organic fertilizer granulator for powdered organic fertilizers cost?

 In the agricultural machinery industry, organic fertilizer machine has always been highly respected equipment. So what about the development space of bio-organic fertilizer machine? There is huge room for development of bio-organic fertilizer machine. The country now puts environmental pollution control as the first priority, and solving environmental pollution is the top priority. So, how much is the organic fertilizer machine for granulating powdered organic fertilizer?
1. Compost windrow turner  (equipment price is 0.5-1.8 million yuan): It can accelerate the decomposing of organic fertilizer materials and complete the decomposing of materials quickly.
2. Multi-element organic fertilizer formula batching machine (equipment price is between 11,000 and 18,000 yuan): Adjust the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, humus, and organic matter in powdered organic fertilizer according to different crop needs.
3. Recipe mixer (equipment price is between 21,000 and 38,000 yuan): fully mix and stir the formulated formula elements evenly.
4. Organic fertilizer granulator: The fertilizer elements that have been formulated are used to make the powder noodles agglomerate into particles under mechanical action by using centrifugal granules.
5. Dryer (equipment price is between 28,800 and 180,000 yuan): Dry the manufactured pellets for easy storage in inventory.
6. Cooler (equipment price is about 3.5 yuan): Quickly cool down the dried fertilizer particles, which is convenient for bagging.
7. Screening machine (equipment price is about 0.5-20 thousand yuan): the fertilizer particles are classified in size, and the fertilizer particles are bagged in batches according to the different particle sizes.
8. Fertilizer particle coating machine (equipment price is about 20,000 yuan): A layer of non-caking agent is coated on the surface of the finished particles to prevent the fertilizer particles from sticking.
9. Finished pellet packaging machine (equipment price is about 24,000-65 million yuan): The manufactured fertilizer pellets are bagged into the seam according to the set weight of the packaging bag.
In the fertilizer production process, different materials can choose different organic fertilizer machine, and the price of different organic fertilizer machine is also different. The cost of the organic fertilizer machine depends on the organic fertilizer machine of your actual needs.