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Fermentation compost turner machine is the first choice for organic fertilizer manufacturers

Organic fertilizer is a commercial fertilizer that has been harmlessly treated by a compost turning machine to eliminate harmful germs and insect eggs, and can evolve and transform organic proteins in a short time. It is odorless and easy to transport. However, the self-made compost has the advantages of long stacking time, low harmless degree, large amount of harmful bacteria, viruses, insect eggs and weed seeds, easy to burn roots and seedlings, and is not easy to be sold as commercial fertilizer. Therefore, organic fertilizer manufacturers will purchase professional organic fertilizer manufacturing machine to process livestock manure.

Our hot-selling trough compost turning machine adopts track-type walking, so that the turning and throwing production process has good reliability, and the energy consumption is reduced. The supporting trough changer can double the output, increase economic income, and reduce equipment investment. The fermentation compost turner produced by our factory has many styles and complete models. Compost turner can be customized according to the user's fermentation tank width.

Investment needs to be cautious. It's better to invest in our organic fertilizer machine according to our surrounding agriculture and breeding industry, so as to reduce the investment risk. In general, the organic fertilizer composting dumper is an environmental protection equipment, and the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you want to know more about organic fertilizer processing technology, please consult us.