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Rational use of organic fertilizer and machinery for economic crops

In the modern intensive cultivation system of crops, attention should be paid to the rational use of organic fertilizers:

First, it is impossible to apply feces. It must be converted through the composting process. It takes time and manpower to accumulate a large amount of scattered primary manure into qualified organic fertilizer. Without professional organic fertilizer machine processing, organic fertilizer is often unqualified. At present, in some areas, manure is directly composted and allowed to rain, causing ammonia volatilization of manure fertilizers and loss of nitrogen and potassium nutrients. Chemical fertilizers should be used in agricultural production and directly to the ground. This is an unscientific approach, and this phenomenon should be changed.

Secondly, the appropriate amount of application. In the practice of controlling the amount of manure, the EU countries have put forward regulations on the application of manure. Take the United Kingdom as an example, the application amount is set at 170 tons (nitrogen) per hectare. However, in recent years, the application of fertilizer is on the high side, resulting in vegetable nutrient accumulation and water pollution. Because organic fertilizer is rich in organic nitrogen, the final product of decomposition is nitrate, which will pollute the water and the environment, and also cause problems such as excessive heavy metals.

Therefore, soil testing and formulated fertilization techniques should be used to adjust the amount of organic and chemical fertilizers in the production of high-intensity and intensive cash crops in China. Advocate the diversified processing of NPK fertilizer production line and the application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer.
Rational use of organic fertilizer and machinery for economic crops
For high input and high yield economic crops, we should pay attention to the control of fertilizer application, so as to achieve scientific and reasonable. At present, with the development of breeding industry, excessive fertilizer should be applied to food crops, which is conducive to the sustainable development of food production and reduce the emission of harmful gases in some farmland. In addition to fermentation transformation, the production of fertilizer should also adjust the ratio of carbon to nitrogen, add rice straw, increase the ratio of carbon to nitrogen, and improve the soil modification function of fertilizer. And it is best to use organic fertilizer granulator for deep processing to delay fertilizer efficiency.

In a word, the application of organic fertilizer can only be sustainable in high-yield crop system, and the unilateral concept of fertilizer application is not conducive to high-quality and safe production. It should be pointed out that the combined application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is a scientific strategy for fertilization.