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Production process and machine for manufacturing granular organic fertilizer

Large scale granular fertilizer production line generally refers to the use of various livestock manure as raw materials to produce granular organic fertilizer equipment, such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc. The purpose of the whole process is to produce commercial organic fertilizer from low-cost waste organic materials through rational processing, so as to obtain a lot of profits.

A complete set of large-scale granular organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, combined with the production process, the required equipment include crusher, bin, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, fermentation composting dumper, belt conveyor, etc.

The process of manufacturing granular organic fertilizer:

Pre-fermentation: Adjust the raw materials to a certain degree, control the moisture, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and add the starter to start the fermentation. During the fermentation process, a compost turning machine is needed for turning over:

Raw material crushing: After fermentation, the raw material particles are not uniform and of different sizes. Use a semi-wet material crusher to crush them to a granulated state.

Raw material granulation: Use an organic fertilizer granulator to make powdered raw materials into granules. The granulator can be divided into multiple models according to the characteristics of the raw materials and the output.

Drying and cooling: Use a dryer and a cooler to dry and cool the granular organic fertilizer to reduce the moisture content in it, increase the strength, and help shape the shape.
granular organic fertilizer manufacturing machine
Particle screening: After granulation, most of the particles are produced. In order to make the final particle size more uniform, the organic fertilizer drum screener is used to screen out the excessively large and small particles, and the excessively small particles are returned to the granulation system, and the excessively large particles are returned Crushing system.

Packaging: Qualified finished products are packaged with manual weighing scales or automatic packaging machines.

So far, all the processing steps have been completed. Due to different raw materials, the specific production process will be slightly different, so the NPK fertilizer production line does not need fermentation. According to the actual needs of users, we customize the exclusive manufacturing process of granular fertilizer.