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Experience of using roller extrusion granulator in organic fertilizer plant

Double roller extrusion granulator is a granulation process in which the solid materials are polymerized by using the strong pressure of the equipment, and the granulated materials do not need to be dried. The roller granulator kneads the material by two counter rotating rollers. When the solid material is subjected to the external force of the extrusion granulator, the air between the powder particles is first swept to rearrange, so as to eliminate the empty space between the materials.

When the material is kneaded by the extrusion granulator, the particles will deform or move, and a strong van der Waals gravitational recombination occurs. At the end of the kneading granulation process, the energy composed by pressure to the system will form a hot spot at the contact point between ions, but the material will melt. After discharging, the temperature will decrease and the material will be cooled to form a fixed and undeformed granular fertilizer.

It is necessary to pay attention to feeding when using pelletizing equipment such as double roller press granulator. The processing flow of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine is usually destroyed by hammer crusher first, and the materials are transported to the bin of double roller extrusion granulator by screw conveyor. It is necessary to ensure the smooth transportation of materials. If the load is too large, the motor load will be too large or the machine will be stuck directly.