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Fermentation equipment plays an important role in biofertilizer production

Fermentation equipment plays an important role in the production of bio organic fertilizer. The quality of bio organic fertilizer largely depends on the fermentation process, so the compost fermentation equipment is very important in the whole biofertilizer production process.

Fermentation is an important stage in the process of making bio organic fertilizer from animal manure. In the early stage of organic fertilizer fermentation, the temperature of compost gradually increased from normal temperature to 45℃, and the main microorganisms during fermentation were thermophilic microorganisms, including actinomycetes. When the organic fertilizer ferments at high temperature, the temperature rises and enters the high temperature period. At this time, thermophilic microorganisms are squeezed or even die, while thermophilic microorganisms rise to be dominant microorganisms. During the composting process, the newly formed soluble organic matter continued to undergo oxidative differentiation, and the disordered organic matter such as hemicellulose and protein began to undergo strong differentiation. When the temperature rose to 70℃, only the thermophilic release of nematode activity. The temperature rises to 80℃, most thermophilic microorganisms are no longer active, and a large number of dormancy and death. The fermentation process must use a composting machine to stir the fermentation material.
trough compost turning machine

The industrial fermentation adopts the trough compost turning machine, which ensures that the microorganism in the material has enough oxygen to move and provides the compost quality. At the same time, the machine can cut and crush the caked materials and larger straw, and use the centrifugal function to throw the materials back. The modern design of fermentation tank can continuously input new materials and produce finished compost, which ensures the continuous production of biofertilizer production line.

The compost after fermentation can be processed into bio fertilizer products suitable for different crops by fertilizer granulator machine. The ingredients are different, the functions are different, and the production is flexible. In short, fermented compost turner equipment plays an indispensable role in the production of bio-organic fertilizers.