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Key points of pelletizing production of compound fertilizer production plant

We provide a complete set of NPK fertilizer production plant, which can make compound fertilizer into granules through fertilizer granulator machine. This NPK production adopts drum steam granulation process, which has great advantages in product quality. It is characterized by:

1. Advanced granulation process of NPK compound fertilizer production plant
According to the nutrient requirements of compound fertilizer products, all kinds of liquid and solid raw materials measured by ingredients form compound fertilizer in the fertilizer granulator machine, so as to obtain completely spherical particles. The proportion of various nutrients can reach the standard, and it is stable and guaranteed.

2. Equal quantity balance of product granule nutrients
Because the ingredients are mixed in proportion to the raw materials, the nutrient content of the granular fertilizers is the same as the identification, and the crops can be supplied with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients at a certain ratio to ensure balanced crop growth.

3. The physical properties of the product are good, the particle size distribution of the product is uniform, 90% of the particle size is 2-4mm; the particle strength is high, the fluidity is good, and it is not easy to be broken during transportation, storage and stacking.

Key points for subsequent treatment of NPK fertilizer production plant
NPK fertilizer production plant
1. After granulation, the granules must be subjected to subsequent treatment of drying and cooling to be used as a finished fertilizer for long-term storage. In order to increase production, many manufacturers have adjusted the export temperature and the inlet temperature of drum dryer too high, resulting in waste of energy, and at the same time, it is easy to reduce the quality of materials and even cause paste.
2. Some manufacturers think that in order to increase the output, the length and diameter of the rotary drum dryer should be increased. This method is wrong. In this way, not only can not be fully utilized, but also a large amount of heat energy will be lost, and the floor area will be increased.
3. The wind speed in the drum of the dryer should not be too low, otherwise the dynamic and static contact strength between the material and the hot air will be relaxed, resulting in the low efficiency of the drying equipment.