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Prospect of pig manure organic fertilizer processing equipment

After years of experience in the processing of fertilizer equipment, the pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process designed by Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers is compact in structure and advanced in technology, and harmless living bacteria fermentation agent is applied to treat livestock manure. Pig manure is fermented by many kinds of beneficial microorganisms to release nutrients. In the process of fermentation and maturity, it can kill bacteria and eggs, remove toxin and deodorize, and achieve the purpose of harmless and resource-based.

Prospect of pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipment

1. Pig manure is rich in organic fertilizer resources. Pig farms produce a lot of pig manure every day. There are many raw materials of pig manure. If these wastes are not treated, it will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the organic fertilizer manufacturing process can turn these wastes into treasure.
pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process
2. Pig manure organic fertilizer has high quality. The manure produced by a pig in one year is fermented with straw excipients, and after being fertilized by an organic fertilizer granulator, it can produce 2000-2500 kg of pig manure organic fertilizer. The comprehensive organic matter content of the product is higher than 45%, and it is also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, with a content of more than 6%.

3. The market demand of pig manure organic fertilizer is large. A commercial organic fertilizer production line can not only meet the needs of the local fertilizer, but also meet the needs of the surrounding market. Organic fertilizer is especially effective in improving soil, fruit tree, tea planting and vegetable planting.

4. Environmental protection. For the breeding industry, the treatment of fecal waste is solved.

5. The pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is applicable to the breeding enterprises, which can effectively reduce the pollution discharge of the pig farm, realize the harmless treatment of the breeding pollution, and achieve the purpose of resource utilization.

Pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process adapts to the strategy of organic fertilizer commercialization management, promotes the formation of production industry chain, and is a process equipment that integrates industrialization, market-oriented and large-scale production development and is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture. Not only effectively promote the development of ecological agriculture, but also the choice of the development of agricultural circular economy.