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Granulating characteristics of biofertilizer flat die pelleting machine

Flat die pelleting machine is a product developed by our factory with many years of experience in fertilizer production equipment design. It is used to granulate various bioorganics after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process. Compared with other fertilizer granulator machine, it has a unique granulation process, which is suitable for the granulation of biofertilizer and other compound fertilizers.

1. Before granulation of flat die pelleting machine, the materials do not need to be dried and other pretreatment. The mixed ingredients can be directly sent to the feed port to process cylindrical particles, which can save a lot of power. The machine uses the characteristics that organic particles can be inlaid with each other under certain action, so there is no need to add binder during granulation.

2. Multi-functional biofertilizer flat die pelleting machine can produce cylindrical particles, which can treat pellet feed, organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer. The particles are solid and can be sieved after granulation. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be boring, and the moisture content of the raw materials can be 20-40%. However, the premise is that the water content of the raw material of the flat die pelleting machine should not be too high. In the production of high water content products, it is necessary to improve the production process or take drying measures.
flat die pelleting machine

3. On the other hand, the template of the flat die pelleting machine is easy to wear and needs to be replaced frequently. The particle shape of bio fertilizer of flat die pelleting machine is not round, which may not be suitable for users who are accustomed to round particles.

4. In the biofertilizer production line, the flat die pelleting machine can also be connected with the equipment of the ball shaping machine, so that the cylindrical particles can be rolled into the ball at one time without returning particles. After adding the polishing machine, the ball forming rate of the particles is higher, the strength is better, and it is beautiful and practical.

5. The flat die pelleting machine is an ideal equipment for granulating organic fertilizer, biofertilizer and feed. It is small in size, suitable for processing feed in small farms (cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, fish, pigeons, etc.) and small farms for handling manure.