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Fermentation of rice bran organic fertilizer by windrow turner

With the shrinking of family breeding industry and the development of scale breeding, the production of organic fertilizer by industrial assembly line has become a trend. The long-term application of chemical fertilizer has led to the decline of soil fertility, hardening of soil, deterioration of soil quality, increase of diseases and insect pests, etc., and the processing of manure into organic fertilizer has gradually become the mainstream.

The organic fertilizer we call is a kind of fertilizer that is formed by using various animal wastes and plant residues, adopting physical, chemical, biological or all three treatment technologies, and through certain fertilizer manufacturing process, eliminating harmful substances in them to reach the harmless standard, and meeting the standard.

Composting rice bran into organic fertilizer

The rice bran organic fertilizer can be processed by the turner machine. Rice bran is a kind of good soil conditioner and seedling substrate, which can improve the structure of soil granule. It can be used as the substrate of improving soil, garden flower seedling directly, or as organic feed after being smashed by the grinder. Rice bran can be used as the auxiliary material of fermentation organic fertilizer, because of its high carbon content, it can be combined with feces with high nitrogen content. After rice bran was mixed with manure, the proper C / N of the material was adjusted, and the compost was fermented for about 30 days to form organic fertilizer. In the fermentation process, it is necessary to timely monitor the temperature and water and other factors, use the compost turner machine to properly turn the pile, so that the materials can be fully aerobic fermentation, which can also improve the economic benefits of rice bran.
rice bran

Windrow turning machine provided by the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is the mechanical equipment to improve the oxygen supply in aerobic fermentation composting, and the dumper improves the shape of materials, which plays a role in mixed composting. The turner machine is also used in some industries.

The manufacturer of Tianci fertilizer equipment suggested that rice bran should be fermented with a dumper to recycle the organic waste, which not only has additional benefits, but also protects the environment. These methods and techniques serve for the production of organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer can be further refined, and the granular products can be made by organic fertilizer granulator, double roller fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, etc.