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Fertilizer Characteristics and Application in Compound Fertilizer Equipment Production

The NPK fertilizer produced by compound fertilizer equipment has the advantages of high nutrient content, less auxiliary components and good physical properties. Compound fertilizer equipment plays an important role in balancing fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate, and promoting high yield and stable yield of crops. However, the production of compound fertilizer equipment is also limited. The fertilizer produced by it is not suitable for all areas and crops. Therefore, it is better for the manufacturer of compound fertilizer to test soil and mix compound fertilizer before using it. With the increase of grain production, more and more people choose multi-component compound fertilizer.
Compound Fertilizer Equipment Production Line
1. Before the production of compound fertilizer equipment, it should be combined with other fertilizers according to the needs of various soils and different nutrients of plants at different times and the growth of crops at that time. When compound fertilizer is applied to crops that require more nitrogen, the insufficient nitrogen is supplemented with ammonium bicarbonate, urea, and ammonium sulfate.

2 The compound fertilizer produced by the compound fertilizer equipment has a long-lasting effect, and it should be used as a base fertilizer, and the potash fertilizer should be applied in the early and middle stages. The compound fertilizer contains various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The crop is extremely sensitive to phosphorus and potassium in the early stage, so the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be used as the base fertilizer. The compound fertilizer adopts the granulation and coating process in the NPK compound fertilizer production line. The fertilizer efficiency is slow and long-lasting, and the utilization rate of the fertilizer is high, which is suitable for the base fertilizer. NPK compound fertilizer decomposes slowly. Crops with compound fertilizer as base fertilizer should be supplemented with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer in time for topdressing according to the fertilizer requirement of different crops to meet the nutritional needs of crops.
Compound Fertilizer Equipment Production Machine
3 In the NPK fertilizer production line, the compound fertilizer is prepared according to the soil nutrient status of a certain area and the fertilizer required for crops. The concentration of compound fertilizer is quite different, and the appropriate concentration should be selected when applying. A compound fertilizer production line can produce high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers, so it is necessary to use economical and efficient compound fertilizers due to different regions, soils and crops.

4 Ammonium sulphate fertilizer can not be applied continuously for a long time, otherwise it will increase the acidity of the soil and destroy the soil structure. In the alkaline soil, the ammonium ions in the ammonium sulphate are absorbed, and the sulphate ions remain in the soil, which acts on the calcium to cause the soil to form a knot. hard. Ammonium phosphate should not be applied to vegetables. Vegetables require large amounts of nitrogen and potassium, requiring less phosphorus.