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NPK compound fertilizer production line-roller extrusion granulator

The roller extrusion granulator can process the chemical materials such as dry powder, by the corresponding process technology to produce a granular product that meets the user's needs and meets the standard size. The roller extrusion granulator is a granulation equipment for compound fertilizer production. The NPK production line process can produce compound fertilizer granules, which greatly affects the quality of the product by the roller granulation mechanism.

The principle of the roller extrusion granulator in the NPK compound fertilizer production line
The dry powder material is added to the top of the roller extrusion granulator, and the rolls are rotated by reverse and constant speed, biting the material and forcibly compressing. After the compression, the pressure of the material is lowered, and under the action of gravity and surface tension, it naturally escapes, and the crusher is broken and the granulator is granulated. Finally, the screener is sieved and the qualified product is packaged. For the material under the powder screener, the returning system returns the fertilizer powder to the raw material bin for re-rolling. The size of the pressing force of the dry roller granulator can be adjusted according to the requirements of the strength of the granules. Different press rolls can be used for materials of different volume shapes.
roller extrusion granulator of NPK compound fertilizer production line
Roller extrusion granulator structure
The roller extrusion granulator is the main equipment for technical application in the NPK fertilizer granulation production line. The granulator mainly includes a pair of high pressure pair roll molds, crushing rolls, screens, motors, belt pulley, triangle belt, reducer, chain, sprocket and other parts. The two pairs of rolls are pressed into the raw material, and the raw materials are formed into a rolled sheet by relative rotation of the press rolls. Gear meshing, chain and sprocket drive are the main transmission modes of the pressure roller, and the spacing between the two pressure rollers can be adjusted. The crushing rolls of the roller extrusion granulator are capable of pulverizing the roll material into an irregular powdery and granular mixture.

The roller extrusion granulator uses dry roll granulation, which is a widely used granulation technology in the fertilizer granulation production line, and has obvious advantages in related industrial production fields. The granular product made by the roller extrusion granulator has the characteristics of small volume, high density, regular shape, no need for drying, and low production cost, and can be continuously mass-produced. In addition to the production of NPK compound fertilizer, it also plays a very good role in the fields of medicine and chemical industry.