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The influence of selection of fertilizer crusher on fertilizer production

Crushing is one of the most important processes in the process of fertilizer production (crushing raw materials, batching, mixing, granulation, packaging, etc.). It not only affects the production efficiency of the whole fertilizer production line, but also affects the quality of fertilizer particles and processing costs. Material, process technology and crushing size in fertilizer production determine the type of crusher. In the fertilizer production, we need to adopt reasonable matching crushing equipment, design the best crushing technology, and operate the crusher correctly, so as to achieve the best granulation effect.

The selection of parameters and equipment in the production of compound fertilizer affects the granularity of fertilizer crushing. Choose suitable crusher according to different links of fertilizer production. Different fertilizer granulation production line use different granulators, production processes are also different, the required material crushing degree is different. Crusher plays an important role in fertilizer production and processing, which affects fertilizer granulation and particle quality, so crushing is an important link in the fertilizer processing.
fertilizer crusher
With the progress and development of science and technology, crushers adapted to different functions, regions and market demand emerge as the times require. The requirement of fertilizer production is different, the requirement of crusher is different, and the type of crusher chosen is different. According to the characteristics of fertilizer granulation production line, choosing a suitable crusher and suitable material crushing can improve fertilizer production efficiency and obtain more benefits.